What is Computing?  Define computing?

What is Computing? Define computing?

Computing is derived from Latin com+putre here com means together and putre mean reckon (calculate) or settle which combine mean reckon together, to count, to calculate.

Computing is operation of computer to process data. It is an activity to process and manage information by using computer. Hardware and software are involved to performing calculation.

Computing history? How computing start? The base of Computing?

Digital computing is basically representations of numbers. But before introduction the numbers system people were using other objects and small stones as numerical devices. The word calculate is derived from the Latin word calculus which means the small stone. With increasing needs and grasping of principle of numerical base, the usual pebbles were replaced with stones of various sizes. These sized then assigned to different orders of units.

The first device for calculation is mostly known is abacus (counting board/table).

Why Ccomputing? Computing importance? Computing uses in daily life?

Computing is an important and crucial part of today industrial technology. Sub-discipline of computing is computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, information systems, and information technology.

Computing is generic term that is used for anything/anyone that use a computer.

The daily uses of computer like browsing web, calculating spreadsheet, and drawing pictures etc.

Now a day’s many electronics devices embedded specialized computers e.g. ATM machine, Digital Alarm Clock, Microwave Oven and Cell Phone.

Computing is information processing using computers e.g. data analysis and data mining.

Generating formula for simulation, developing hardware and software, and analyzing algorithm for performance.

From the abacus to the iPad, Google, GPS all are the fruit of computing.

It also involves in research, communications and entertainment media.

How computing? Computing terms and concepts? Computing process and activities?

Computing is now become a broad discipline that crosses the boundaries between mathematics, science, engineering, and business. The set of terms, concepts, and activities related to computing are Discrete Structure, Programming Fundamentals, Algorithm and Complexity, Architecture and Organization ,Operating System, Net-centric computing, programming language, Software Engineering, Intelligence System, Information Management, Graphic and Visual Computing, Human-Computer Interaction

How become computing expert? Sub discipline of Computing? Computing knowledge areas? Computing scope?

Computing has a broad knowledge area. It is impossible for anyone to become expert in all. So who want to become expert in computing-related profession must focus on his/her professional life. The major computing Sub-disciplines for choice of profession is

Computer engineering that is concerned with design and development of computer system and other technological devices. It involves the study of hardware, software, communication and interaction among them.

Computer science discipline provides  the basis for the design and use of computer, cutting-edge development in robotics, Artificial intelligence, bio- informatics, Network, database system, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, programming languages, numerical analysis, operating system, software development, algorithm, data structure, and theory of computing etc.

Information System specialists investigate, analyze, design, develop, implement and integrate information technology solution and business processes to meet the information needs of business to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient way.

Information technology is a counterpart of information system. It emphasis more on technology more than information that is convey. IT experts are responsible to select the hardware and software that are appropriate for need of organization and infrastructure. Those specialists mostly focus on installing, customizing, and maintaining specific computer network, databases of system administration functions for organization computer users.

Software engineering is the discipline of designing, developing, testing and maintains software system that will satisfy user needs after analyzing and gathering user specification and requirements.

Software engineering is a discipline of analyzing and gathering user specification and needs for developing, designing, testing and maintaining that software system that will satisfied the user need and requirement in an efficient manner.

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