What is education? Definition of education? Etymological meaning of education?

What is education? Definition of education? Etymological meaning of education?

“Education” is middle French word basically has been derived from Latin words Educare, Educere, and Educatum, ‘e’+ ‘duco’.

Educere is a combination of two “E” for out and “ducare” means to lead which becomes bring out or lead forth.

Educare means bring up, rear, educate and educatum means act of Teaching/Trainin and ‘E’ means out and ‘duco’ means to lead.

Now if we define the education

Education is a lifelong process which includes activities like bring up, rearing, teaching the values and beliefs, training the skills, bringing out the potential and creativity and developing habits.

Where to get the education? Types of education? Places and sources of getting the education?

According to place the education divided into 3 types

Non Formal Education: It is outside the boundaries of the school or institutes usually connects with our daily life activities. The major sources or places of this education are:

  • Parents, family, friends
  • Place of work and job and community and religious centers
  • During play and conversation, Radio, Press, Cinema
  • Learning by doing the work

Formal education: Formal education usually goal oriented, have institute and formal setup, techniques, evaluation and finally certified. The sources or place of getting formal education are below:

  • School, colleges, universities, Day care centers
  • Employee training

Non formal education: It is outside the school and need no institutional setup, usually for those who are interested voluntary for getting education. The sources and places for non formal education are:

  • On job training, Radio or Tele broad cast, Online streaming
  • Through correspondents course, through Open University,
  • Summer institute

Why education is important? Benefits of education? Advantages of the education?

  • Education is necessary for learning skills, values and beliefs.
  • We can bring desired and positive change in behavior through education.
  • Education plays an important role in developing the habits of the people.
  • For civilized and cultural society education plays a vital role.
  • Education provides the training and source of earning to the youngsters.
  • Through education government can create awareness about health, environment, economy, agricultural and all social needs of the country.
  • Education creates encourage in people to express their opinion on public issues.
  • Education raised the standard of living of the people.
  • It brings economic growth and prosperity for the nation and country.
  • Per capita income, productivity of the individuals can enhance through education.
  • Self grooming and character building also become possible through education.
  • People will become more polite and better citizens through education.
  • It is a powerful weapon to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the nation.
  • The values of morality, equality and tolerance can develop in society with the help of education.

How to get education?

The concept of getting of education is very wide. It depends upon individual, situation, environment and available resources etc.

The person also gets education through five senses, through experience, via reasoning the environment etc.

In Formal way in school and institute, there are adopted several steps techniques and methods to impart education to the students like via lectures, demonstration, experimental work, group discussion, through books, learning material, internet etc.

In informal learning individual gets education through family, friends, electronic and print media etc.

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